If you are interested in Baptism for yourself or a relative, please contact Revd. Judith Wilkinson on:


A christening or baptism is the way in which an individual shows that they want to become a Christian. At St. Saviour's  we baptise babies on the understanding that they will be brought up as Christians. Older children and adults can also be baptised and they answer for themselves about their Christian commitment.

How do I go about booking a baptism?

If you are interested in baptism for your children or for yourselves, please come along to our church and worship with us to find out more; or contact Revd Judith using the details above. 

All babies are offered a service of Thanksgiving and Blessing at which we thank God for their birth and ask his blessing on them. This is different from baptism and requires no promises of Christian commitment.

When do you do the baptisms?

Baptisms take place during our 10.00am Sunday morning service on the 2nd  Sunday of the month.  We will try to be flexible with the dates you prefer but we really cannot guarantee your first choice! Please speak to the Vicar who may be able to arrange a service at a different time.

Is there any cost?

Like God's love, the service is entirely free. However donations are always warmly received.