Hall Bookings

Church HallOur church hall is situated in Chadwick Road, right next to the church, and is available for hire.

Our rates start from £20.00 per hour. Discounts are available for registered charities and regular on-going bookings. 

Please note for the consideration of all Hall Users and our neighbours,  

we ask our all of our Hall Users to respect the following booking conditions.


  • We operate a good neighbour policy so ask that music be kept to a minimum.
  • Or floor is wooden, and ask that no foam or bubbles are used.
  • All rubbish must be removed from site and not placed in our neighbours bins.

 For a full list of our terms and conditions please make contact using the details below.


 For more information, including availability and hiring charges, please contact:

The Hall Manager - Miss Amy Wall - Telephone: 07735 735176 or email:  saviourshall@gmail.com