Past Events

Flower Festival and Summer Fayre

St Saviour's Celebrated The Queen's 90th Birthday with a  Flower Festival over the week-end of June 10th -12th 2016 with a Summer Fayre on Saturday, 11th June.Flowers 1

And what a joyful occasion it was/  Our beautiful Church was decorated with all the delightful flower arrangements created by Maureen and her colleagues from the Leigh Floral Group and the St Saviour’s own monthly class members. 

The Fayre offHilary's stallered a
variety of stall and games.  Refrshments, including home Bar B Qmade cakes, were servied in the Church.  For those seeking something more sustaining the VIcar manned a Bar-B-Q in the church grounds. 

There was a bounCraftcy castle, craft activities and a "rolling" Street Party of Children.   Many of the stall holders got into the spirit of celebrating Our Queen's 90th Birthday by dressing up to reflect the different fashions and fads which Pat and Heatherhave come and gone during her reign.    It was lovely to see so many of our ladies wearing hats.  We had our own "Queen Mother"  "(Heather) and the Queen herself (Pat). And what a lovely '80s couple  Barry and Diane
made, you looked great.

To round off the day Zoe entertained us with her beautiful singing, followed by a "sing-along"  and Victor and his accomplices brought the day to a close with a dramatic  melodrama "Dark Deeds", which showed our VIcar in a new and rather disturbing light.  To honour our Queen we sang Happy Birthday and the National Anthem.

The celebrations continued on the Sunday Morning at our 10 am service, which included thanksgiving for our Queen's long life of devout faith and loyal service.   

It was a really great week-end.