Planned Re-opening of St. Saviour’s Church


Following permission from the UK Government and the Church of England; places of worship may now begin to re-open its doors for Public Worship.


Following a meeting of the Church Council, we are very pleased to announce that we can safely re-open for Public Worship, including Weddings and Baptisms from Sunday 2nd August 2020.


Our first Sunday Service will be 10am on Sunday 2nd August.


Sadly, Regular Sunday Worship will be restricted to 40 worshipers and entry will be on a first come first pew-ed basis. Queues may be likely, so do bring a brolly if it looks like rain. More details will follow: 


We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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And finally,  a special prayer written by a member of St. Saviour’s Church congregation. . 

I've got friends that will run through walls,
And I've got friends that don't text, they call.
When I've nowhere left to go and I need you the most,
I've got friends that will run through walls.

Daniel O’Donoghue

Jesus is reaching out from the cross.  His hand is outstretched toward you.  It is within your grasp.  All you have to do is reach out, take hold, then hold fast.  The hard work has all been done, for you.  

It is a simple action but the most difficult to comprehend and then achieve; put your trust in your God, step out in faith and He will always be at your side and when He is not it’s because He is carrying you. 

Loving, Heavenly Father we are reaching out in fear and confusion.  We seek Your guidance and Your peace but flounder and stray depending on our own skills and procedures.  The unknown drives and splinters within us and we are driven to protect form and self. 

Retrain us Father to tap further into Your love.  When we weaken and see only the darkness let Your light shine into every corner where despair and indifference lurks.  Give us persistence in Your sustenance.

When I have nowhere left to go, and I need You the most, I know I have my God who has, and will again, run through so many walls.


Wishing you all well and holding you all in my prayers.


With peace and all blessings

Revd. Lee