Dear Friends,

Just a reminder that the current advice now pleads for us all to stay at home... so please, please do stay at home unless you absolutely need to go out.


Should you need to go out for essential shopping then please do follow the social distancing protocols, your actions will truly make a difference. 


Please do be assured of our Prayers for you all in these trying times.



St. Saviour’s door are now closed to help stop the spread of this virus and to encourage folks not to venture out. And the life and worship of the Church will continue, simply in a different way.


Access to the Church is not permitted, even to regular key holders. No person should enter the Church under any circumstances.

Prayers will no longer be said in church, but instead from home.  Please join me in praying for our world. And please do so from the safety of your own homes. I shall be continuing with Holy Communion on Sunday at 10:30am so that the Lords Supper is remembered if not in our Church, then right beside it in the Vicarage, I will also continue with prayers on Tuesday at 12noon and Thursday 10am it would be wonderful if you would remember these times as special.



I will be sending out podcasts for Sermons and am currently looking at ways the whole community might be able to participate in virtual groups and services.... Watch this space.


I have also received local news of folks pulling together as we are asked to be apart. Thank you to everyone who are working to help others. Please do so safely. Let's remember those who work in our shops, hospitals and factories and farms and thank God for them.


Wishing you all well and holding you all in my prayers.


With peace and all blessings